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Collaborating with the legendary Tulikansa on their 20th anniversary shows. Don`t hesitate to contact us for your own special, hot and fiery parties. »»

Three days full of short and long sets of adventurous music in Tampere Talo at Nuori2017 event March 27th-29th, 2017. Thanks to Niina Ilola for superb organizing!


Muisti trailer:
HurjaRuuth Wintercircus Muisti
2016 trailer

Dance Like a Mofo: Collaboration with Peloton and Satu Tuomisto Dance Company produces theatre, humor, performance, dance, music as street art and to be performed anywhere. Jean Sibelius and Black sabbath were covered in the performance. This adventurous group seeks original solutions in theatre, circus, contemporary dance, jazz, avantgarde, performance, tradition and alternative worlds Filmed on VHS-tape by Tiina Vanhapelto. Jättömaa Festival 2016 Kouvola, Finland. Performers: Liana Potila (dance, performance) , Heidi Suur-Hamari (dance), Heli Hartikainen (sax), Otto Eskelinen (sax), Pentti Luomakangas (sax). Choreographed by Satu Tuomisto.

Peloton - Maapallon hautajaiset 2009 (Pentti Luomakangas)

Peloton - Snake Snottisch 2011 (Tapani Varis)

First Staalon Kaato North-Lapland Tour 2010 with Ismo Alanko, Asa and Amoc

Peloton has composed and performed highly praised music for three HurjaRuuth Wintercircus productions (2011, 2014, 2016) totaling over 90000 audience and 240 shows.

Pentti Luomakangas, Tapani Varis, Eero Savela, Affe Forsman.

Zodiak The Center Of New Dance 2009
Music and performance in Jenni Kivelä`s choreography.
Pentti Luomakangas, Eero Savela, Hannu Risku

Bad Ass Brass Band with Les Plasticients Volants 2009
Founding member Pentti Luomakangas started the anarchistic marching band Bad Ass Brass Band in 2006 which he lead and produced 2006-2011.

EXOPLANET, Cirko - Center For New Circus (residence and demo show), 2015
An innovative circus production researching how to transform physical movements into sounds, choreographies and compositions. Funded by Kone Foundation and Arts Promotion Center Of Finland.

Circus artist : Sakari Männistö »»
Innovation / electronics: Till Bovermann/TAI-Studio »»
Costumes - Tauko Design »»
Peloton: Pentti Luomakangas, Otto Eskelinen, Teho Majamäki, Linda Fredriksson


FREEJAZZBALLET - Taidehalli 2006
The band has created and performed a "freejazzballet" with improvising contemporary dance ensemble RIO Real Time Orchestra. The shows were performed in Taidehalli in Maria Duncker art exhibition in 2006.
Pentti Luomakangas, Eero Savela, Hannu Risku, Tero Siitonen

The band started a monthly dance and music improvisation club Helsinki Meeting Point in UMO Jazz House and later on in KoKo Theater with dancer Giorgio Convertito in 2006.
Helsinki Meeting Point


"Funeral, Circus & Other Music"
Lilith Label 2009 Reviews: »» »»

"Koroli Kosmos"
Torvi-002 2011
(HurjaRuuth Wintercircus Nose soundtrack

"Talvisirkus Uni" 2014
digital Bandcamp release
(HurjaRuuth Wintercircus Dream soundtrack)